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Would you be willing to pay more for single-use solutions certified to have been manufactured in compliance with a green program such as from recycled materials or with carbon credits, etc.? Much like that found in foods certified ‘organic’. %

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"Industry should address the renewable/reusable aspects for single-use components/materials. Industrywide programs would be the best approach. I would

Are you more likely to purchase your single-use solutions from a manufacturer who offset their environmental impact with a proactive green program? i.e. recycling, carbon credits, etc. %

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"Personally, that would be a significant factor. Unfortunately, that would only be a small portion of the actual assessment."

What bioprocessing application would you consider best suited for single-use solutions? Why? %

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"Still a costly alternative and supply chain is not 100% under control. Someone stops making Silicone and the tubing is no longer available."