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Webinar: Real-time viable biomass measurements in challenging microbial applications using capacitance technology.

November 11 @ 5:00 am - 6:00 am MST

Dielectric spectroscopy (DS), also known as capacitance technology, has been widely used as a PAT tool to measure biomass in real time, in various applications involving mammalian, insect, bacterial and microbial cells. It has been viewed as a particularly useful technology to measure cells in challenging microbial and bacterial applications, where other methods struggle to measure cell density reliably. This webinar will primarily focus on the microbial and bacterial applications for which capacitance technology has been utilized. Over the years, this technology has been explored not only to monitor live cell density but also to identify critical events and control the process. Considering capacitance measurement correlates with the live cell density (or more accurately, viable biovolume), it provides a complete, real time and detailed picture of all of the critical events. This leads to better process monitoring, automation and control and in turn, improved productivity. This webinar will start with an introduction to the invention of the technology and how the technology works (principle of measurement). Following this, the application of this technology in microbial and bacterial processes will be described with real world customer data. Relationship between capacitance and offline measurements such as dry weight and optical density will be demonstrated. Case studies will be presented where capacitance technology has been used for process fingerprinting, harvest time optimization, productivity improvement, real time troubleshooting and automatic process control.


November 11
5:00 am - 6:00 am