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Pros and Cons: Working in Small Life Sciences Companies vs. Large Organizations

Is your dream job with a large organization or a small company? It’s common for life sciences professionals to have a preference one way or the other when considering employment opportunities. While many people might have a primary reason for desiring to work at a small company or a large organization, most individuals haven’t really compared the differences and the implications on their career. Are you impressed by large established organizations? Or, do you seek out innovative start-ups and small companies? To help with your career planning, we’ve compiled a list of the major pros and cons when working in small companies versus large organizations!

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Enhancing Automated Sampling, Process Monitoring and Nutrient Feedback Control for a System of 3L Bioreactors

In a recent typical experiment, eight bioreactors were sampled three times per day with feedback control for multiple separate nutrient feed solutions per vessel, based upon independent metabolite triggers. Over the course of the run each vessel was triggered feeds 35-40 times with feed volumes ranging from 2 to 40 mL for over 300 automated feeds across the eight vessels. Refined data extraction templates streamlined data imports and the electronic notebook system, and PI integration can enable remote monitoring. The enhanced system capabilities are being increasingly leveraged to support ongoing process development efforts.

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WuXi Vaccines to Build Additional Biologics Manufacturing Facility

WuXi Vaccines has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with a global vaccine leader and signed a 20-year vaccine manufacturing contract valued approximately $3 billion. As part of the deal WuXi will build an integrated vaccine manufacturing facility including drug substance manufacturing (DS), drug product manufacturing (DP), Manufacture Science and Technology Labs (MS&T) as well as Quality Control labs (QC). The facility will be dedicated to manufacture one of its partner's vaccine products for the global market. The new facility is expected to be operational in 2022. Learn More