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Pros and Cons: Working in Small Life Sciences Companies vs. Large Organizations

Is your dream job with a large organization or a small company? It’s common for life sciences professionals to have a preference one way or the other when considering employment opportunities. While many people might have a primary reason for desiring to work at a small company or a large organization, most individuals haven’t really compared the differences and the implications on their career. Are you impressed by large established organizations? Or, do you seek out innovative start-ups and small companies? To help with your career planning, we’ve compiled a list of the major pros and cons when working in small companies versus large organizations!

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Sensitivity of a PER.C6 Cell Line to Bis(2,4-di-tert-butylphenyl) Phosphate and Evaluation of a New, Biocompatible Single-Use Film

Single‐use technologies have brought numerous advantages to the biopharmaceutical industry. In particular, single‐use bags made from multi‐layered polymeric films have been adopted for cell culture and liquid handling operations in place of traditional stainless‐steel systems. This publication investigates inconsistent cell growth observed in a PER.C6® cell line during bioprocess development. The growth inhibition was linked to leachable migration from Bioclear™ 10, a single‐use film from Cytiva (formerly GE Healthcare) that was used for cell expansion. It was shown that the PER.C6® cells displayed a sensitivity to bDtBPP, comparable to that observed in sensitive CHO cell lines. Finally, biocompatibility of PER.C6® with Cytiva's new Fortem film was evaluated, demonstrating that Fortem™ film is a suitable single‐use technology for culturing PER.C6® cells.
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Northway Biotech Opens New Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility in Waltham

Northway Biotech has opened its new 30,000-square-foot process development and cGMP manufacturing site in Waltham, Massachusetts. From cell line development to cGMP DS manufacturing and aseptic filling, the state-of-the-art facility, in the booming biotech hub in the Greater Boston area, will provide end-to-end services for biologics microbial and mammalian-based biologics. The cGMP biomanufacturing suite will house 500 L microbial and 2,000 L mammalian bioreactors and be operational in Q4 2021, representing a capital investment program worth $40 million.
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