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Pros and Cons: Working in Small Life Sciences Companies vs. Large Organizations

Is your dream job with a large organization or a small company? It’s common for life sciences professionals to have a preference one way or the other when considering employment opportunities. While many people might have a primary reason for desiring to work at a small company or a large organization, most individuals haven’t really compared the differences and the implications on their career. Are you impressed by large established organizations? Or, do you seek out innovative start-ups and small companies? To help with your career planning, we’ve compiled a list of the major pros and cons when working in small companies versus large organizations!

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Anti-COVID-19 Biologics – Using the BioPhorum Standard MAb Process to Estimate Required Manufacturing Infrastructure, Investment and Resulting Drug Cost

What would it take to rapidly manufacture 3 metric tonnes and then 10 metric tonnes of a mAb? Optimized product development procedures to speed up the transition of a discovered mAb into clinic and into commercialization have been discussed in an excellent article by Brian Kelley. What about subsequent commercial manufacturing capacity? According to Ecker and Seymour, 23 metric tons of approved biologics were produced in 2018, with 65% of that capacity controlled by 10 companies. Squeezing an extra 10% of the global capacity out of the network seems achievable, particularly if these top 10 companies are involved. We used Biosolve Process to estimate the current manufacturing capacity and timeframes for production of these products. Learn More

Takara Bio Acquires Two Buildings in San Jose, California

Takara Bio has bought two buildings totaling 129,000 sq. ft. from the University of California Regents. The company will shift its local headquarters from Mountain View, where it currently is a tenant, to the pair of north San Jose buildings. Takara paid $44.8 million for the two buildings, according to property documents filed with county officials on May 12th. The two properties, located at 2560 and 2570 Orchard Parkway are part of the four-building Valley Research Center, near the corner of Orchard Parkway and West Trimble Road and just down the block from North First Street and its light rail lines. The deal appears to position Takara for a significant expansion. Learn More