A U.S. Patent for "Sequencing Methods" was awarded to 10K Genomics on August 27th, 2019. The present invention described herein solves challenges in providing a proficient, rapid and meaningful analysis of se

Although regulators rarely offer public comments on another regulator's guidance, the EMA has offered line-by-line comments and edits on a recently released draft guidance from the US FDA on comparative analytical assessments for biosimilars. Whil

Over the last decade, the growing use of single-use technology (SUT) in the biopharmaceutical industry has transformed how drugs are developed and manufactured. Traditional methods using large stainless-steel bioreactors with costly clean-in-place

AbbVie has announced that it will cease to develop its experimental drug Rova-T after the treatment failed to show survival benefit in a late-stage trial for a type of lung cancer. The drugmaker acquired Rova-T through its $5.8 billion acquisition

The Westchester County Industrial Development Authority has given preliminary approval for a tax exemption on a $38.2 million biotech project in Ardsley, New York. BioMed Realty plans to complete two shell buildings at 430-440 Saw Mill River Road,

A federal judge this week ruled two patents held by Amgen on its cholesterol drug Repatha are invalid, reversing a February jury verdict that had upheld the California biotech's claims in its legal battle with rivals Sanofi and Regeneron. Judge Ri

A U.S. Patent for a "Method of Viral Purification" was awarded to GlaxoSmithKline  on August 27th, 2019. The present invention is a method of producing a virus in cell culture comprising at least the steps of

Strides Pharma this week announced that it has acquired a drug manufacturing facility in Riviera Beach, Florida from Micelle BioPharma. The financial details of the deal have Strides paying $500K for the facility and planning to invest upwards of

Massachusetts last year experienced the fastest rate of biopharma job growth in a decade, according to a report released this week from state trade group MassBio. The report found Massachusetts was home to 74,256 biopharma jobs last year, up 6.4%

A cancer therapy invented at Rice University has crossed a milestone in clinical trials, a major development in a decades long quest to develop a treatment that destroys tumors without the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy, invasive surger

Amgen has announced that it will buy the psoriasis pill Otezla from Celgene, which is selling the medicine to remove an antitrust obstacle from its planned merger with Bristol-Myers Squibb. The purchase price for Otezla is $13.4 billion - higher t

Zogenix is expanding its pipeline beyond lead drug Fintepla, announcing this week that it will pay $250 million upfront to acquire Modis Therapeutics, a privately-held biotech developing a treatment for an ultra-rare neuromuscular disorder. Modis'

Efforts to entice CDMO Brammer Bio, recently acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific, have stalled on word that a special town hall meeting which occurred last night did not address the request for a tax break for the business. According to published

A U.S. Patent Application for a "Virtual Transmitter for Bioreactor Automation System" was published by Finesse on August 22nd, 2019. The present invention includes a probe for measuring a condition in a bior

Pfizer is investing $500 million to expand its manufacturing facility in Sanford, North Carolina, that plays a central role in its efforts to become a major player in gene therapy. The investment will add additional capacity and capabilities to a

Ingenza cooperated with Hamilton in order to plug the signal from VisiFerm sensors directly into their control towers, so that they are linked to bioreactor RPM and aeration on a cascade set-point. This enabled Ingenza to bring the benefit of opti

Biotech giant Amgen could be nearing a deal to buy Alexion according to a Spanish news outlet. This week Intereconomia.com reported that Amgen is "in the final stretch to buy Alexion" for $200 per share, citing people familiar with the matter. Thi

Retrophin announced this week that iit was discontinuing the late-stage study for its rare neurological disorder treatment after it failed to improve patients' ability to conduct daily activities such as eating and walking, sending shares down 30%

A U.S. Patent on "Media for Culturing Stem Cells" was awarded to the Technion Research & Development Foundation on August 20th, 2019. The present invention is a well-defined, xeno-free culture media which

Caris Life Sciences has unveiled plans to develop the Caris Life Sciences Corporate Park in Irving, Texas, adding to the company's growing footprint in the United States. This new facility will enable approximately 115,000 square feet of new R&

Pfizer is investing $500 million to expand its manufacturing facility in Sanford, North Carolina, that plays a central role in its efforts to become a major player in gene therapy. The investment will add additional capacity and capabilities to a