Driving Value Through Intensified Single-Use Bioprocessing & Advanced Data Analytics from PD to Commercial Manufacturing

Thursday, May 16th, 2019
South San Francisco, CA.

In this one-day complimentary seminar we will address some of the key challenges the industry faces:

  • Rising biosimilar competition and the need to drive costs down – how intensified single-use bioprocessing can help you achieve robust low cost manufacturing whilst high-throughput tools can significantly reduce your time to clinic and ultimately to market.
  • The need for high flexibility in facility design in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing and to be able to meet varying product demands – new concepts for highly flexible facilities being able to produce 500kgs, 1 metric tonne or up to 2 metric tonnes whilst working with the same equipment within one facility.
  • How data analytics can enable you to build quality into your process from the start and ensure the highest quality product in commercial manufacturing.
  • Programs to ensure that single-use systems meet or exceed the highest regulatory standards when implemented into commercial manufacturing.

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