In the interest of clarity, it should be noted that in this instance what is meant by single-use is both the components into which the sample is delivered as well as the sample valve itself. That being clear, there are no fewer than four such solu

A U.S. Patent Application for an "Improved Fermentation Process" was publsihed by Lonza on March 28th, 2019. The present invention is a method for producing a recombinant protein of interest (POI) comprising: (a)

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An important aspect of any biotechnological processes is the culture of animal cells in artificial media. Cultured animal cells are used in recombinant DNA technology, genetic manipulations and in a variety of industrial processes with economic po


  • Stem Cell Definitions
  • Why are stem cells important
  • Classification of stem cells based on their dividing capacity
  • Culturing Stem Cells Embryonic
  • Bone marrow

Cell culture is the process by which prokaryotic, eukaryotic or plant cells are grown under controlled conditions. But in practice it refers to the culturing of cells derived from animal cells. Cell culture was first successfully undertaken by Ros

Animal cell culture technique is the process of developing cells invitro in a lab providing them invivo conditions.

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This presentation contains all the material regarding History of animal cell culture and different methods of organ and tissue culture.

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This presentation covers the introduction to Insect Cell Culture. Also covers its general information about cell culture practices followed in the lab. It covers culture media, the source of cells for culture and examples of the cell line with the

in-vitro culture (maintain and/or proliferate) of cells ,tissue or organs

Types of tissue culture:

  • Organ culture
  • Tissue culture
  • Cell culture
  • Histotypic Culture
  • Organotypic Culture
  • Pr

What is Cell Culture?

  • In vitro culture (maintain and/or proliferate) of cells, tissues or organs
  • Types of tissue culture
    • Organ culture
    • Tissue culture
    • Cell culture

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Downstream, upstream, fermentation in bioprocessing

  • A bioprocess is a specific process that uses complete living cells or their components (e.g., bacteria, enzymes, chloroplasts) to obtain desired products.
  • Bioprocessing and

  • Production of commercially desired products operated at very small scale.
  • Speeds up the delivery of new products.
  • Reduces developmental costs.
  • Increases consumer benefit.
  • Rapidly evaluates the bioprocess o

CHI’s Introduction to Bioprocessing training seminar offers a comprehensive survey of the steps needed to produce today's complex biopharmaceuticals, from early development through commercial. The seminar begins with a brief introduction to biol

One of the hottest topics in the biopharmaceutical industry today is “continuous bioprocessing”. Buzzwords such as “process intensification”, “next generation bioprocessing”, “process optimization”, and “integrated, connected man

Curious about the future of biomanufacturing? The move towards intensified, connected and continuous bioprocessing is happening now!

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Accompanied by 247 colonists, Anza arrived and founded the first settlement. It was not until the 1830's that the expansionist United States began to realize the commercial potential of the magnificent natural harbor.

Roche will close its manufacturing plant in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, shuttering operations over the next five years before selling the plot. Located in the neighborhood of Jacarepagua, the plant makes products for Latin America and Eu

U.S. regulators plan to revamp rules governing how medicines are manufactured, in an effort to ensure the safety of the nation's drug supply as recalls of contaminated imports from developing countries widen. A Bloomberg investigation this year fo

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The Japanese government gave 3,020 cherry trees to the U.S. government. The blossoming trees proved immediately popular with visitors and led to an annual Cherry Blossom Festival which is still celebrated.


MaSTherCell has signed a lease for a 61,000-sq. ft. facility in Belgium which the contract manufacturer will build into a manufacturing site whose focus will be on late-stage and commercially-approved cell and gene therapy products. The new facili

Mapi Pharma, which has developed a delayed release version of Teva's drug Copaxone, has announced that it will construct a manufacturing facility in Jerusalem. The new site, to be built even though the product has yet to receive formal marketing a

It immediately launched the 23-year-old to fame and fortune. He went on to become the youngest author ever published by Scribner's. Fitzgerald is best known for his masterpiece The Great Gatsby (1925).

Documents filed with the court this week find that Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson have agreed to settle more than 25,000 U.S. lawsuits over their blockbuster blood thinner Xarelto for a total of $775 million. The amount will be shared equally

Thermo Fisher Scientific has agreed to acquire contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), Brammer Bio, for around $1.7B in cash. Owned by Ampersand Capital Partners, Brammer Bio is engaged in the clinical and commercial supply of

Abeona Therapeutics says it has finished the first 6,000 square feet of a planned 26,000-foot expansion of a manufacturing facility in Cleveland, Ohio. The progress means the company should be ready to manufacture its EB-101 cell therapy for reces

The Oscar nominee turned heads on the red carpet in an outfit resembling a swan. Over a nude body stocking and above a large white tutu-like skirt, the swan's neck was traped around Bjork's shoulders.

YMC Process Technologies, Electrical Engineer - Devens, MA
This engineering role will contribute to design the control system architecture for advanced bio-process systems.

BioMed Realty has acquired the Emeryville Center for Innovation, located in Emeryville, California, for approximately $135 million. The Emeryville Center for Innovation currently consists of a 250,000 square foot, six-story life science office bui