Gilead Investing $5.1 Billion Into Galapagos

Gilead has announced that it has entered into a 10-year global research and development collaboration with Galapagos. Under the terms of the agreement, Gilead will gain access to no fewer than six molecules currently in clinical trials, more than 20 preclinical programs and a drug discovery platform. Galapagos will receive a $3.95 billion upfront payment and a $1.1 billion equity investment from Gilead. Galapagos will use the proceeds to expand and accelerate its research and development programs. Gilead will receive an exclusive product license and option rights to develop and commercialize all current and future programs in all countries outside Europe. Learn More

Novartis and Amgen Halt Trials Into Alzheimer’s Drug After Patients Health Worsens

Amgen, Novartis and Banner Alzheimer's Institute have discontinued two pivotal Phase 2/3 trials in the Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative Generation Program after tests showed some patient's cognitive functions had declined. The sponsors concluded that the potential benefits for participants did not outweigh the potential risks. The decision comes as another disappointment in the area of Alzheimer's research. The drug, CNP520, was being assessed for safety and efficacy in preventing or delaying the onset of Alzheimer's in people at high risk of developing the disease. Learn More

Study Finds Most New Drugs Fail to Improve on Standard of Care

A recently published study in The BMJ by officials from Germany's Institute of Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare (IQWiG) finds there is no evidence of added benefit for more than half of the drugs the institute assessed from 2011-2017. For the study, the authors looked at the outcomes of the 216 benefit assessments IQWiG conducted from 2011-2017. More than half (125/216, 58%) of IQWiG's assessments found no evidence of added benefit for the drug compared to the standard of care. A quarter (54/216, 25%) of the assessments found there was major or considerable added benefit and one-sixth (35/216, 16%) of the assessments determined there was only minor or non-quantifiable added benefit. Learn More


US and EU Fully Implement Mutual Agreement on GMP Inspections

The U.S. FDA and Europe's EMA have announced that they have now fully implemented a plan that will allow member state regulators and the FDA to mutually rely on each other's good manufacturing practice (GMP) inspections of drug facilities. In addition to helping reduce redundancies in manufacturing inspections, the implementation of the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) means that biopharma companies can stop import testing for products manufactured in the US. Learn More


Magnetic One-Step Purification of His-Tagged Protein by Bare Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Magnetic separation is a promising alternative to conventional methods in downstream processing. This can facilitate easier handling, fewer processing steps, and more sustainable processes. Target materials can be extracted directly from crude cell lysates in a single step by magnetic nanoadsorbents with high-gradient magnetic fishing (HGMF). Additionally, the use of hazardous consumables for reducing downstream processing steps can be avoided. Here, we present proof of principle of one-step magnetic fishing from crude Escherichia coli cell lysate of a green fluorescent protein (GFP) with an attached hexahistidine (His6)-tag, which is used as the model target molecule. The focus of this investigation is the upscale to a liter scale magnetic fishing process in which a purity of 91% GFP can be achieved in a single purification step from cleared cell lysate.

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I need to draw a cell free sample, any suggestions?

To answer this question effectively I'm going to have to make the assumption that your application is a bioreactor or fermentor of some scale. That being said, I would strongly suggest utilizing the FISP product from the folks at Flownamics. It is a proven solution for cell free sampling in bioreactors and fermentors at scales ranging from PD thru Pilot and Large Scale Manufacturing.


Target Identification in Drug Discovery

This video, which has 28,000+ views, explains the art of target identification in drug discovery.


Training: Advanced Continuous Chromatography

Biofactory Competence Center, Switzerland

September 17th - 20th, 2019

This 4-day training course will provide knowledge in advanced continuous chromatography in biopharma processes, with hands-on practical and theory in the field. The course takes the basic principles of chromatography theory and practice and builds on them to expend the range of applications in continuous mode in order to improve process productivity, resin and buffer savings.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at industrial and academic downstream specialists, scientists and engineers in the field of bio-manufacturing who are interested in getting to know or broaden their understanding of continuous chromatography.

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Peptides Can Form Without Amino Acids

Peptides, one of the fundamental building blocks of life, can be formed from the primitive precursors of amino acids under conditions similar to those expected on the primordial Earth, finds a new UCL study. The findings, published in Nature, could be a missing piece of the puzzle of how life first formed. "This is the first time that peptides have been convincingly shown to form without using amino acids in water, using relatively gentle conditions likely to be available on the primitive Earth," said co-author Dr Saidul Islam (UCL Chemistry). Learn More


Horizontally Rocked Bioreactor System

A U.S. Patent for a "Horizontally Rocked Bioreactor System" was awarded to Bioreactor Sciences on July 9th, 2019. The present invention is a bioreactor system, comprising: a vessel assembly comprising: a tube positioned to lie along a longitudinal axis, the tube having ends; a baffle extending within the tube, the baffle extending along and contacting an inner wall of the tube along the longitudinal axis and extending to and contacting the ends of the tube, wherein a ratio of a major surface area of the baffle to a central cross-sectional area of the tube along the longitudinal axis is greater than about 0.45 and less than about 0.90...  Learn More

2006 Twitter Launches

On this day in 2006, the San Francisco-based podcasting company Odeo officially releases Twttr-later changed to Twitter-its short messaging service (SMS) for groups, to the public. Learn More


Let’s Turn the High Seas Into the World’s Largest Nature Reserve

What if we could save the fishing industry and protect the ocean at the same time? Marine ecologist Enric Sala shares his bold plan to safeguard the high seas -- some of the last wild places on earth, which fall outside the jurisdiction of any single country -- by creating a giant marine reserve that covers two-thirds of the world's ocean. By protecting the high seas, Sala believes we will restore the ecological, economic and social benefits of the ocean. "When we can align economic needs with conservation, miracles can happen," Sala says. Learn More


Nexus Pharmaceuticals to Build $250M Manufacturing Facility in Wisconsin

Nexus Pharmaceuticals has announced an agreement with the village of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin to build an industry-leading sterile injectable manufacturing facility. The multi-phase, multi-year project is expected to be completed in ten years, with an estimated investment of $250 million. Construction is planned to commence in August 2019 and is expected to be completed in 2021. The initial phase 1 investment of $85 million will support a new, 100,000 square foot three-story manufacturing facility. The facility is being designed by Integrated Project Services (IPS) with construction management services being provided by Turner Construction. Learn More


J.R.R. Tolkien was Nominated by Fellow Author CS Lewis for the 1961 Nobel Prize in Literature

He was overlooked because the jury said the quality of his storytelling wasn't good enough.  Learn More