Control of IgG glycosylation in CHO cell perfusion cultures by GReBA mathematical model supported by a novel targeted feed, TAFE
The N-linked glycosylation pattern is an important quality attribute of therapeutic glycoproteins. It has been reported by our group and by others that different carbon sources, such as glucose, mannose and galactose, can differently impact the glycosylation profile of glycoproteins in mammalian cell culture. Acting on the sugar feeding is thus an attractive strategy to tune the glycan pattern. However, in case of feeding of more than one carbon source simultaneously, the cells give priority to the one with the highest uptake rate, which limits the usage of this tuning, e.g. the cells favor consuming glucose in comparison to galactose. We present here a new feeding strategy (named ‘TAFE’ for targeted feeding) for perfusion culture to adjust the concentrations of fed sugars influencing the glycosylation.
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