Vero Cell Growth and EV71_C4 Replication Capacity in Small-Scale Customizable Single-Use Bioreactors

In this work, a Vero cell line used to produce viral vaccines was used by Intravacc to perform the cell and virus cultivations in Applikon’s newly developed small-scale customizable single-use bioreactors. The growth curves of Vero cells, were compared with the growth curves of Vero cells growing in conventional autoclavable glass bioreactors under the same conditions and in the same culture volume. Subsequently, a virus for which vaccines are needed, EV71_C4, was grown on Vero cells. The single-use bioreactors are suitable for Vero cell culture and EV71_C4 virus propagation because there was no difference with respect to Vero cell culture and EV71_C4 virus culture between the glass bioreactor and disposable bioreactor. Learn More