Webinar: Covid-19 – Investigating Flexible and Risk-Averse Integrated Solutions to Accelerate Vaccine Production

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

The world is expecting a COVID-19 vaccine in 2021. To meet this aggressive timeline, vaccine manufacturers will not have time to build dedicated facilities: the first generation of COVID-19 vaccine will rely heavily on single-use technologies to ensure rapid installation and validation of new production lines, and existing facilities will be adapted to accommodate the production of the billions of needed doses. Under such a time pressure, how can vaccine developers take the right decision and mitigate risks when it comes to equipment sizing, technology selection and layout considerations? 

The presentation will explain why it is critical to put the process at the center of all decisions; and also show different approaches in cases where processes are not fully defined and scenarios where different processes and/or scales need to be executed in the same facility. Experiences from multiple projects will be shared.

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