Enhanced Production of Anthraquinones by Gamma-Irradiated Cell Cultures of Rubia Cordifolia in a Bioreactor

The aim of this study was to obtain high-yielding cell cultures of Rubia cordifolia by applying gamma irradiation and subsequently scaling up for anthraquinone production in a bioreactor. Calli cultured on MS medium was irradiated at variable doses between 2 and 30 Gy. The callus cultures that were irradiated at 8 Gy accumulated a maximum alizarin level and a purpurin level during the M1T4 (fourth sub-cultures after gamma irradiation treatment) subculture, which was 6 fold and 11 fold higher than those of the nonirradiated callus cultures, respectively. Suspension cultures that originated from high-yielding callus cultures… Learn More