A U.S. Patent for "Isolating Cells Expressing Secreted Proteins" was awarded to Regeneron on March 24th, 2020. The present invention is a method of high expression of a protein of interest, comprising

How the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 made the leap from animals to humans is a puzzle that scientists are trying to solve as humanity comes to grip with the deadly pandemic sweeping the globe. At the frontline of this scientific

As the world goes into lockdown to try and limit the spread of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, there is some hope that warmer weather will cause the virus to dwindle, like what happens with seasonal influenza. The bad news ther

CytomX Therapeutics is teaming up with Astellas Pharma in a research and development alliance focused on developing new cancer immunotherapies based on its antibody technology. Under the terms of the deal announced this week, Astellas is p

Revealing yet another super-power in the skillful squid, scientists have discovered that squid massively edit their own genetic instructions not only within the nucleus of their neurons, but also within the axon -- the long, slender neural

The law that opened up the approval pathway for biosimilars, known as the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act (BPCIA), turned 10 years old this week and nearly 100 drugs officially became biologics under what's known as the "dee

As the US FDA re-gears to respond to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the agency's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) says it will "significantly scale back" lot release activities. In a letter to biological pr

Dover, a diversified global manufacturer with annual revenue of over $7 billion, has announced its agreement to acquire the flow measurement firm Em-Tec, perhaps best known in our community for its manufacture of non-invasive flow meters u

A U.S. Patent Application for "Mammalian Cell Cryopreservation Liquid" was published by Otsuka Pharma on March 12th, 2020. The present invention is a liquid for cryopreserving

Role models are important for aspiring scientists, but new research suggests that scientists who are known for their hard work -- like Thomas Edison -- are more motivating than scientists who are viewed as naturally brilliant, like Albert

Wednesday, November 11th, 2020

The joint UMass Lowell & YMC ChromaCon course hands-on training related to multicolumn chromatography operation and the