Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

Viral vector-based vaccines are a promising field in vaccinology and are taking more importance in the overall vaccine pipeline. They elicit a strong immune response in patients, avoid the use of highly pathogenic viruses – such as Ebola – and most important are “platform-able”. However, viruses are complex entities to produce and purify. The downstream process should be able to remove process and product related contaminants while maintaining the infectious titer, which is a challenge.

In this webinar, Amélie Boulais will describe how the first high throughput ambr® multi parallel testing tool applied to downstream and the Design of Experiment software can simplify and accelerate viral vector purification process development. A case study on an Adenovirus at a 20L scale will show how membrane chromatography and large-cut off cross-flow cassettes can further simplify and intensify the purification process of common viral vectors used for vaccines.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand solutions to intensify viral vector purification
  • Discover tools to speed-up process development
  • Configure single-use process scale equipment for viral vectors purification
  • Learn how data analytics can be used for predictive control

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