Highly Efficient Antibody Purification with Controlled Orientation of Protein A on Magnetic Nano Particles

In this study, we prepared protein A grafted magnetic nanoparticles for the industrial large-scale purification of antibodies with enhancement of binding capacity and immobilization by controlled orientation with chlorophenylsilane (CPTMS) on the surface. For site-specific immobilization of protein A, genetically modified protein A with a cysteine residue was expressed in E. coli and purified by affinity chromatography. To improve the surface area to volume ratio and increase the immobilization amount of protein A, chlorophenylsilane functionalized magnetic nanoparticles (CPTMS@MNPs) were prepared, which are smaller nanoparticles with an average diameter of 20 nm compared to commercial magnetic microparticles (Dynabeads) with an average size of 2.8 μm. The CPTMS@MNPs showed the enhancement of protein A immobilization and binding capacity to antibodies, being 11.5-fold and 7-fold higher than those of commercial Dynabeads, respectively. In addition, the CPTMS@MNPs retained about 80% of the initial protein binding capacity until the third stage of recycling. Therefore, protein A grafted CPTMS@MNPs may be useful for the industrial large-scale purification of antibodies.
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Original Publication Date: 11/2/17