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Target Identification in Drug Discovery

This video, which has 28,000+ views, explains the art of target identification in drug discovery.

Clinical Trials

This video, which has 80,000+ views, explains the role of clinical trials in drug discovery.

The Glycosylation of Antibodies

This video, which has 25,000+ views, explains the glycosylation of antibodies.

Zebrafish – A New Model for Drug Discovery

This video, which has 40,000+ views, explains the role of zebrafish in drug discovery.

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Perfusion Bioreactor Bag Assemblies

A U.S. Patent Application for "Perfusion Bioreactor Bag Assemblies" was published by Juno Therapeutics on July 11th, 2019.  The present invention is a bioreactor bag assembly that can minimize the amount of additional connections/adaptations made to the b

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