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Introduction to Biotechnology

This video, which has 24,000+ views, provides an introduction to the field of biotechnology, also known as recombinant DNA technology.

Cell Counting Using the Trypan Blue Exclusion Method

This video, which has 74,000+ views, provides a tutorial on cell counting using the Trypan Blue Exclusion method.

Introduction to Viral Safety Part 3

This video, part 3 of 6, delves into the principles and practices associated with viral safety.

Demystifying Bioreactor Contamination Risks

After watching this video you will be able to better scrutinize your process, identify gaps and propose solutions relating to bioreactor contamination

Introduction Process intensification is an approach to improve operational throughput by running a manufacturing process o

This presentation explores the techniques associated with animal cell culture and cryopreservation.

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Cell Culture Medium

A U.S. Patent Appliction for a "Cell Culture Medium" was
published by Boehringer Ingelheim on December 6th, 2018. The present invention provides a basal cell culture medium and a feed medium with novel amino acid ratios and/or iron choline citrate as iron carrier that result in improved per

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