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Overview of Gamma Irradiation Processing

This video, produced by STERIS, walks the viewer through the equipment and processes required for successful gamma irradiation processing.

Standardization of Cell Viability Assays in Primary Cells as a Prerequisite for Novel Bioprocessing Applications

This video provides insights on the standardization of cell viability specific to bioprocessing applications with an emphasis on the requisite assays.

pH Basics

This video, produced by Hamilton Process Analytics, utilizes narration and animation to provide insights into the basics of pH measurement.

Continuous and Intensified Bioprocessing: A Practical Guide

This video, produced by Sartorius, provides practical advice for those trying to develop and implement continuous processes. It explains the tools and

Lyophilized Formulation of HGF

A U.S. Patent for a "Lyophilized Formulation of HGF" was awarded to Eisai on January 21st, 2020. The present invention provides a lyophilized formulation having improved storage stability of hepatic growth factor compared to conventional lyophilized