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Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Current Trends and Future Possibilities

This video provides information and insights from end users and suppliers alike on the current trends, and future possibilities, associated with continuous

Introduction to Industrial Microbiology

This video, which has 80,000+ views, introduces the viewer to the basics of industrial microbiology and biotechnology processes.

Temperature Measurement with Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs)

This video, which has 25,000+ views, uses animation and narration to  explain the measuring principle of Pt100 thin-film sensors. It also provides hints

Coriolis Flow Meter Theory of Operation

This video, which has 60,000+ views, utilizes animation and narration to explain the theory of operation of a coriolis flowmeter.

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Detection of pH Utilizing Raman

A U.S. Patent Application for the "Detection of pH Utilizing Raman" was published by UK Research & Innovation on September 12th, 2019. The present invention includes methods and apparatus for measuring pH in a sub-surface volume of a diffusely scattering

Not to put too fine a point on it but you are looking for the wholly grail of single-use sensing, and you just might have found it. Industry leaders Hamilton and Mettler Toledo have both addressed this need and I have seen where Broadley James is working with Pall on a solution that was in Beta testing as of this past Spring. Here are links to more information;

Hamilton Single Use

Mettler Toledo Single Use

Broadley James Single Use

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