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Using PI System to Manage Discrete Data from an Automated Bioreactor Sampling System

In this video, Kristin O'Neill of Merck & Co. describes how in a PD environment the OSIsoft PI System tracks both bioreactor controller data and automated

Rotary Pump Demonstration

This video, which has 5,000+ views, explains the functionality of a rotary pump by utilizing a narrated animation to demonstrate its operation.

Gas Dispersion/Flooding in Bioreactors Demonstrated

This video, by the AIChE Academy, demonstrates the three regimes of gas mixing in a bioreactor; Flooded, Dispersed, and Recirculation and the methods used

Blending in a Stirred Tank – Impeller Selection

This video discusses the basic principles for selecting an appropriate impeller for blending fluids in a stirred tank is an excerpt from the AIChE Academy

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Heat Transfer Baffle System and Uses Thereof

A U.S. Patent for a " Heat Transfer Baffle System and Uses Thereof"  was awarded to Abec on October 8th, 2019. The present invention is a reaction vessel comprising in its interior at least one heat transfer baffle, each heat transfer baffle comprising at

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