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10 Mistakes Job Seekers Make, And How to Avoid Them

Many people make significant job search mistakes and never even know about it. These blunders are easy to make, and they can cost you the job offer or lose you thousands of dollars. Below, is a reveal 10 of the biggest mistakes, and explain how to avoid them.

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Continuous Culture

This video, which has 40,000+ views, provides an informative explanation of the principles and practices associated with continuous culture.

SQZ Biotech Moving to Watertown’s Arsenal Yards Complex

The developer behind the $400 million redevelopment of the old Arsenal Mall in Watertown has signed its first big lab tenant. Cell therapy firm SQZ Biotech will take more than 63,000 square feet in the former mall, which is being converted into a mixed-use development by Boylston Properties. The biotech, currently based in an older office building nearby in Watertown, is rapidly growing following a $72 million funding round it closed last year and plans to "dramatically increase its footprint," its chief executive said. Learn More