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Pros and Cons: Working in Small Life Sciences Companies vs. Large Organizations

Is your dream job with a large organization or a small company? It’s common for life sciences professionals to have a preference one way or the other when considering employment opportunities. While many people might have a primary reason for desiring to work at a small company or a large organization, most individuals haven’t really compared the differences and the implications on their career. Are you impressed by large established organizations? Or, do you seek out innovative start-ups and small companies? To help with your career planning, we’ve compiled a list of the major pros and cons when working in small companies versus large organizations!

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Introduction to Viral Safety

This video provides insight into the reality of viral contamination and serves as an introduction to the principles and practices associated with viral safety.

Chugai Consolidating R&D Into New $1B+ Facility

Chugai, a business unit of Roche, announced this week a decision to construct a centralized research laboratory. The new facility, to be known as the Chugai Life Science Park, is being constructed in Yokohama. The new facility will become home to both the Fuji Gotemba Research Laboratories and Kamakura Research Laboratories upon its completion. As for the future of the two research labs, both will be closed after the consolidation is complete. The new 380,000 sq. ft. facility is expected to cost roughly $1.15B with construction scheduled to begin in August of this year and be completed in Q3' 2022. Learn More